Have you always been interested in doing Stand Up? Do you think you have what it takes to be a comic? Would you like to brush up on your public speaking skills?

Whether you are just starting to breakout into the Comedy scene or a professional wanting to learn more about the Industry, Gotham Comedy Club has the tools to help you with the Art of Stand Up Comedy.

Learn in a wonderful and nurturing environment, where comics at all levels are welcome and respected. Gotham Comedy Club is a great place to network with other comics and people involved in the Industry.

Stand-Up Comedy Class: The Stepping Stones to Stand-Up Comedy

The workshop runs for 8 weeks and covers all aspects of stand-up. Students perform every week in a workshop environment, developing material and stage presence, all under the watchful eye of the instructor. Each student gets individual attention in order to guarantee the growth of the comic as an individual. There are specific classes on writing and business as well to make sure that the student is equipped with the proper tools to continue beyond the workshop. At the end of the 8 weeks, the students will perform in front of a live audience at Gotham Comedy Club and will receive a tape of their performance.

This class is designed to work with each student at the level they are currently at, so if you're brand new to stand-up, or if you are stuck in a rut, this class can help you find your way to the next level.

For more information please call 212.367.9000 x20 or email us at gothamcomedyclass@gmail.com

Comedy Writing Boot Camp

Every comic needs strong material; it's the cornerstone of their act. What you say impacts how you perform, and what the audience will think of you. Your material literally defines you to the audience.

Sometimes we seem dry. The ideas don't come to us quickly, or the premises don't seem to be funny once we work them. More often than not, the problem isn't the concept; the concept is your process. MINING THE FUNNY deconstructs your process and opens you up to others.

MINING THE FUNNY is a 2 day intensive on writing comedy. Not cookie cutter comedy with outdated formulas and tricks, but writing rich comedy that is perfectly suited to you. Mining what you find funny, and bringing that to the forefront. Over the 2 day sessions lasting 5 hours each we will cover:

  • Deconstruction of your own writing style
  • Premise generation
  • Structure
  • Identifying your personal sense of humor.
  • Use of language, movement and rhythms in your comedy
  • Editing
  • Expanding your concepts
  • Structuring a short (TV) set, and a long (Headline) set
  • Ways to organize your concepts so that it is at your fingertips

Each of the (Maximum of 10) participants will bring in a recent 5 minute DVD clip so that their individual writing style can be deconstructed. They also need to bring in their current set and material they are working on.

For more information please call 212.367.9000 x20 or email us at gothamcomedyclass@gmail.com

Comedy Career Intensive

This class is geared to those comics looking to break away from the pack of new comedians and are serious about becoming a pro.

*Please note, this class is open to any comic that has completed the Level 1 Stand-Up Comedy Class or have submitted a tape of a performance and have at least 1 year of experience.

This is a master class that covers writing drills and exercises, in class performance, and in depth lecture about all the business tools you need to move forward in the course.

In addition to in class sets students will present longer set videos (10 to 30 minutes) 3 times during the term via the web for the teacher and the class to deconstruct.

This class covers:

  • Intensive writing, editing, organization and maintenance of your material
  • Performance analysis and direction
  • Performing do's and don'ts
  • The Art of Emceeing
  • The Business of Stand-Up
  • Essential deconstruction of your own performance tape.

Intensive Feedback Workshop

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? This one day workshop is focused on perfecting your performance by hearing the feedback from your peers and the man who booked Letterman.

Comments from Students Who Have Taken Eddie's Class: "The workshop is a great barometer for judging where you are and where you need to go with your material and performance."

"Eddie gives sharp advice and insight.

Industry Seminar

Take this unique opportunity to hear what it takes to make it in this business.

Lead by Chris Mazzilli, the Owner of Gotham Comedy Club, and other top Professional Comics, Teachers, Agents and Managers from the Industry.

Kids 'N Comedy Classes

Kids ‘N Comedy doesn’t just showcase stand-up comedy, we also teach it! Enroll in a Kids ‘n Comedy stand-up comedy class, and spend 9 glorious Saturdays in the company of other hilarious teenagers, learning how to write and perform with our hot shot team of comedians from around New York. At the end of the program, you will have your very own stand-up routine, which you will perform for your friends and family.

If you’re funny, and you’ve got something to say, Kids ‘N Comedy wants YOU!

Call 212-877-6115 and check out www.kidsncomedy.com.

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